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Developing Play For The Under 3s


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I have just bought this book as I am fascinated by how children learn, make associations and acutally 'tick' for want of a better word.


This book is written by Anita M Hughes, who is a friend and colleague of Elinor Goldschmeid. I only started reading it today and am two chapters in already!

A brief synopsis (courtesy of the contents page)

  • Thinking about learning
  • Early sensory and motor development
  • The treasure basket - what is the object like?
  • Offering the treasure basket
  • Heuristic play - what can I do with the object?
  • Offering heuristic play
  • Expanding the approach

The author explains very well the need for natural materials and open ended resources and admits to being a bit anti-plastic - when describing rattles and their function she says that babies soon discover that although they may look different, they 'taste, smell and feel' the same, they soon become 'limiting, dull and disappointing'. 'It is rather like being offered baked beans on toast for breakfast, lunch and supper every day of the week.'


I think that analogy will stay with me for a long time!


There are case studies and lots of practical ideas so far, so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it for practitioners working with 0 - 3 year olds.

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