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hi all,


we have a show/tell time in our group with up to 24 children, where all the children sit and we talk, they show the things they have bought in or tell us about somthing!!! xD


I have been reading on the forum about everyone elses circle time and would like to know whats the best way to organise this. :(


I.E how many children do you involve? whats the best way to run.. a teddy passed round or something else...is it best to concentrate on one issue at a time like behavior? :o



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We assemble all the children together a.s.a.p. after they arrive and have a quick circle time activity e.g a birthday or a child brings in a certificate to show the group. We have keyworker group time when each adult sits with children in their group and each child is encouraged to speak in turn. Whilst we ensure the 2 year olds are part of the group they cannot be expected to sit still whilst 25 children have their say.

In general if an adult is leading the conversation and not expecting an answer from each child like reinforcing certain rules it is easier to address all the group together .If the children are the leaders in the conversation e.g.show and tell it is better to use small groups.

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Hi hali

have you seen the other discussion about circle time in the Child Development General Issues forum? It's in the section non setting based issues. There are a couple of books suggested in there that are very useful.

We tend to split the group into two, younger and older children, for circle time. That way there are not too many children and we can differentiate for the age groups. We sometimes break the groups down even further and have 3 groups so that brighter younger children and struggling older children are together.

We love circle time at our pre-school-the children seem to gain so much from it.


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