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Hi all, just wondered if anyone had any great ideas or photos of a good interactive maths display board they have done??

Catherine xxx



Meeting went well with head now planning for 3 days with others free for child led planning directions taken from observations, hoo rah for me!

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Well done Cathy! You obviously have good persuasive powers!


My classroom boards were always too high to be truely interactive, have you had a look in the gallery. There is a lovely book, Belair I think, which I think is called Maths for display.

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Put the spots on the ladybird?

Have a giant ladybird and the children have to count spots on to her. :o

More able can put the matching numeral on too. xD

Really able (well for autumn in my school anyway :D ) can put some spots on one wing and some on the other and write on a conveniently hanging white board the number sentence or at least some of the numbers for the number bond.


Have a washing line and put numbered clothes in order.

Make patterns of coloured or patterned socks on the washing line.

Pair up socks on the washing line.


Teddy bears picninc for the 3 bears, give everyone one plate, one spoon etc. If you have different colours of cutlery, can you give the 3 bears 1 cup, 1 spoon and 1 bowl but they can't be the same colours. All 3 must be different.


Old shoes, pair up Cinderellas shoes, how many pairs?


All pretty interactive. Will have a think for some more.


Liz x

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What lovely ideas Liz, and thanks Marion, I have a boy who's schema is posting, now I can enable his interest to be a bit more constructive than posting bits of paper, small toys, pens, pencils, jigsaw and lego pieces, etc etc :o into the back of my IKEA adult tub chair. xD ( his posting hole is the handle)


Each night when I clear up there is a whole host of items under my chair which needs sorting out.

He likes numbers as well so the post game will be brill.



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The children made the boxes yesterday and decided they should be outside so I stapled 1-3 on the side of the shed they had envelopes with corresponding numbers to sort/ post but extended the activity themselves by fetching pens paper and more envelopes from the writing table plus a postmans bag from the role play prop box. Some decided to write letters and address the envelopes with a number. Tomorrow we plan to add 4/5/6 to the shed.

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