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It really makes a difference when you have a decent number of staff on doesn't it? This week has been one big struggle due to staff sickness, etc. Everyone is feeling stressed, and feeling that the quality of childcare we have offered hasn't been the best.


I've just been out and bought everyone flowers as a little "thanks".


Any tried and tested tactics when ratios are being pushed to the limit?

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yes staff shortages can be an absoloute nightmare can't they?


We are semi - fortunate in so much as we are one of four nurseries ( two of the others are ten miles away from us) so if we need staff we can call on the others.... saying that there is no guarantee that they can cover.


normally in event of staff shortage (and no cover staff) i will go in a room (that solves the problem if there is only one person off) if more than one person is off we hit problems, I generally call on part time staff to see if they could work, but my part timers (well one of them) is very inflexible and generally won't work extra :o (staff don't you just love em!!!)


as for tried and tested tactics when ratio's are pushed... i don't have any....


as a contingency plan the other day when a toddler room member of staff was off (so we were three children over in toddlers) we sent the two youngest to babies (to make 6 in babies with two staff) and one older toddler to tweenies (next room up!).... and typical for us ofsted arrived on that day!... but as a contingency plan they were fine with it....


i guess i shan't lie and say we never work over ratio because sometimes that does happen in times of staff shortage and when that happens we just have to reorganise our day and try and get through it... but yes stress levels rise in staff and it certanly rubs of on the children.


i am sure your staff will appreciate the gesture of buying them flowers as a thank you gesture for there work during your staffing shortage. :D



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When I got to the counter with them, I discovered that one of the mum's works there - and she gave me 1 bunch free!


so your house is smelling a bit like a flower shop at the moment is it?, hope the staff are pleased with them. also hope you have thanked yourself for working so well in the staff shortages.... (us managers have to look after ourselves (and thank ourselves) as other staff won't bother! :o ~ or maybe that is just my staff)

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