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Uurghhh! It's Back Again!


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The dreaded sickness and diarrhoea bug is back!


Yesterday within seconds of each other, 3 pre-schoolers gave the carpet a nice multi-colour look!, over night there have been more. Had lot's of dodgy nappies over the past week too. :o


Funny thing is it seems to be really quick, one minute they are fine, then throwing up, next they are ravenous! Parents have reported the children being starving hungry and eating lot's. xD


Fingers crossed, I have a party at the weekend I don't want to miss.

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Hi all


we had the sickness bug in pre-school, and i got it :rolleyes: i can cope with most things but i am such a baby when it comes to being sick :oxD my 18 year old looked after me, bless him :wacko:


the funny thing was we had a terrible day at preschool the day before, you know when they are all little devils xD and i joked that i was going to be bad and not working the next day.... i then had to phone my deputy and tell her i was bad and couldn't go in :(:(:( luckily she is also a good friend so she believed me.


Moral to the story....don't tempt fate :D



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