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Yes I know its already been on here, and have looked at previous threads and links but am looking for something a bit extra and would love someone to help me out with this . .


We already have a student introduction file and a staff induction booklet, but its sooooooooooo boring!


It has the routine of the day and copies of the Policies such as child protection, health, safety, equal opps, confidentiality etc - but it is in desperate need of a revamp.


What do you do with yours to make it get its point across yet isn't dull?


Feel like there's so much to be included that it wouldn't get read.


Would love to include something along the headings of the 5 outcomes etc. has anyone done this and prepared to share?


We have a brilliant full of energy, new ideas, eager new student and and equally lovely, smiley, hard working and eager new member of staff (this is my silver lining I've been waiting for since July, for those of you who remember that far back!)


I don't want to let either of them down and feel with such enthusiasm I could offer them a better Induction Pack than the one they have read at present. Looking forward to hearing from you all.

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Nothing to offer as such in the line of super dooper booklet but just an idea, why don't you involve the new staff/student in devising an induction pack. They could start it with "What I really needed to know first" on page one continued with their ideas of how they would like to get info for the rest.

In my staff handbook I just type the aims of each policy and not the whole kaboodle, this lets them know in brief what policies there are then they have the 'operational plan' to look at for actual procedures etc.

Maybe do a quiz after each subject/chapter to help with understanding and memory. :o

Pictures ( photo or cartoon) also help with lightening the 'reading chore' xD

Good luck.


It will be interesting to read others comments.



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Induction??? What is that?? I've been at work now for 4 weeks and still no induction! Had a fire drill today and I didn't know what to do, according to their proceedure, where the meeting point was or even what the protocol was once we were all outside :o

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I know that time and resources are precious, but could you make it 'interactive' and do a powerpoint presentation with photos of good and poor practice and then have a quiz, like Peggy suggested.


You could do 'spot the difference' photos or 'spot the hazard' pictures if you are doing health and safety.


Actually, you could do these without powerpoint and just print off pictures of the nursery environment with things that you need to draw attention to.

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:o Thanks for the replies xD (sorry to hear about your experience Clare, maybe you could with Peggy's advice - 'what I really needed to know......?) Will now try and find some time to put these ideas into practice.
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