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Independent Activities - Heavier And Lighter


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I am hoping for some help as I'm at a loss for this weeks numeracy topic of heavier and lighter using non-standard measures. I just can't wake myself up enough to think of some really good independent activities!


We are working from the abacus F2 syllabus so I'm sorted (with a bit of adaption) for activities for myself and my TA. we work on a carousel style during our numeracy sessions so I'm looking for activities that will last approx. 10 - 15 minutes.


In addition, my mentor (I'm an NQT) has informed me that she is taking the lesson on Thursday and wants to see the children's evidence of their independent work... I am only now asking them to evidence the activities they do with myself or my ta, and this is only on occasion, as we keep an assessment form handy and it is even rarer that they evidence their independent work apart from in discussion in the plenary.



HELP! :o


I look forward to anything you can come up with!



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Can you try to establisg what your mentor means by 'the children's evidence' and does she understand the notion that children dont always write things down? I think that if she talks to the children about what they have been doing, then that should be evidence enough.

In terms of heavy and light, children love having the bucket balances and putting thier fav. toys in to see what happens. If they are beyond this stage, use non standard measures like unifix, small bricks or cotton reels to 'balance' their toyys/equipment. You will have shown them how to do this in a whole class session presumably. It's a good idea to choose the items yourself to begin with and know roughly how many bricks balance the book; car; whatever. Otherwise you may end up with heavy items and a number of bricks beyond where they can confortably count.

If you have to get the children to record something, I always ask them to record 'in their own way'. So for example, they can draw a picture of what they weighed, or have one predrawn if this would take to long, and then let them show how many bricks were used. Children will broadly fall into 4 categories when you do this

1. they will draw the bricks (you wil be surprised how accurately they can do this)

2. they will make some other mark eg a tally for each brick

3. they will write a symbol which they can later identify as '6' or whatever

4. they will write the number 6


I have done this wth nursery children and been very surprised at how they can show 'how many'.

However, it is a good idea to have done this first so they are not coimng cold to it if you have never done it before.


Hope that helps, let us know how you get on.

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Thanks for the suggestions mundia, I will give them a try!


As for evidence, my mentor is adament that by this point of half way through their reception year they should be producing writen evidence for their independent activities...I have tried to to talk her round but she is having none of it :o


I will let you know how I get on!

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