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Hoildays/minimum Wage Increase


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I was reading a section in the news of nursery world today and I noticed that we will be given 28 statutory hoildays (including Bank Hols) which makes 20 days and 8 bank hols or pro rata. This makes me laugh as in the past I had 20 days plus 8 bank hols working full time.


People are complaining about it :( , as some childcare setting only get 20 day including bank hols. Well we all work hard in childcare and deserve a well earned break of 28 days per year! :D


Later on I read that the National Minimum Wage will increase:


over 22 years from £5.05 to £5.35

18-21 years from £4.25 to £4.45


Now who knows that was about to happen not me, now I will ask for a minimum of £5.50 per hour consdering that I am a Level 3 Qualifed and training up to the new Level 5 qualifed and 3 years experience working with children. :(:(


This got me thinking when this new Early Years Professional status is up and running I wonder how may setting will complain about their wages then. :wacko: :oxD




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There are massive sustainability issues in lots of settings around the country and the increase in statutory holidays and rise in minimum wage is going to drive a lot of people close to the edge if not close them down. Legally (as far as I am aware) the legal entitlement to holidays is 20 years and t is employer's discretion whether or not to include bank holidays or not - please correct me if I'm wrong!


The market is almost saturated with childcare provision and the majority of settings which I work with have an occupancy level of 70-80%.


It's great that the minimum wage ensures at least a minimum level for staff in the nursery sector and we all know the hard work that goes in and the feeling of 'undervalued-ness' that staff experience, but with fees that parents can hardly afford and business rates and VAT crippling the business side of things it's a hard game being a nursery owner. Add to that the issues with Nursery Education Funding (cue Peggy!) it's an uncertain time to be in the industry.


Whilst the EYP is great in theory, I'm not sure how the private sector are going to afford to finance graduates in their settings.


I don't think that really adds anything to your post, but just thought that I'd add my comments from where I see it in the role that I do as a Development/Sustainabilty Officer.

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Legally (as far as I am aware) the legal entitlement to holidays is 20 years and t is employer's discretion whether or not to include bank holidays or not - please correct me if I'm wrong!


POO BAH, as the owner, I don't get paid holidays :wacko: xD but I would love to 'book' my 20 years before my staff do :(:(


RB, I wish I had a 70/80% occupancy level. I havr just reduced my registration figure from 32 to 24 ( have enough 'space in square footage for 32) and I only have 15 children on my register at the present time. 20 children joined school in September.


I am now down to 2 staff, myself on £4.55 hr and my daughter, as deputy manager / senco / health & safety officer, Inclusion officer, on £6.50 per hour.


I give my preschool another year in business ( if it lasts that long). Increase in minimum wage, extra holiday pay ( even though some staff get holiday pay and work in another settings holiday clubs ( double pay) I do agree all Early Years practitioners need a living wage, especially because employment in some cases is for only 38 wks per year.


As for the NEG, you can read my comments in this weeks Nursery World ( letter of the week-again-yipee-more free books)


I would predict that within a decade there will be very few PVI providers, it will be compulsory, maintained early years education for children aged 3 onwards, any younger will most probably be with family ( grandparents paid by government maybe xD ) or childminders ( who I think are a valuable asset to early years provision.


I am thinking of a future without my preschool, my vocational dream will, I think be short lived, but at least I have lived it. When ( not if) it all folds I will support my hubby as a full time foster carer, I think I will also become a freelance childrens photographer ( I've had enough practice- 1,000's of pics taken over the last five years, some of which I am very proud of in an aesthetical way)


sorry going off track from the original post............


Employer costs are forever increasing with little hope for future sustainability ie: I pay more in rent per year than I earn myself. Employers pay 2/3rds of an employees national insurance on top of increasing minimum wage, then there is holiday pay, insurance premiums rise, resources, equipment, expendables, admin costs have rocketed, ( ie: special next day delivery to ensure grant papers get to LEA admin for the next day, at £5.00 a time), etc etc. Parents have financial help for preschool costs through Working family childcare tax credit, NEG, tax free vouchers, I even know of many grandparents paying fees, yet still the cost of childcare ( less than the cost of a 3 minute car wash :(:o ) is unaffordable for many families.


I hope the government have a 'plan' for the employment of all the early years practitioners who will lose their jobs from the PVI sector when it eventually closes down because only about 50% ( I'm guessing) will be employed in the maintained sector with their higher adult/child ratio's. What good will extra holiday pay and higher minimum wage be to all those unemployed????



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Peggy it would be such a lose to the early years profession if your prediction comes to fruition, it is inspiring to read your posts and have an insight to a truely dedicated, passionate and professional mind in early years, I have learnt so much from you through this forum, but it is also so refreshing to see you have a route to move forward and albeit very sad if your nursery does fold you have so obviously affected so many childrens lives and that of adults to for the better - you and your husband are such carers the world would be a very different place without people like you.

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I think it is just more information to fire at central government and the Save Our Nurseries Campaign. As private and voluntary nurseries we only have our parents fees and the wonderful NEG where we get a fraction of what maintained sectors are receiving. We are not on a level playing field. We have no government funding for wages which we should get as we are providing the same service. Another two years before they look at it again but it will be too late- most will be closed and parents choice will be no more- they will be forced to go into Childrens Centres. I have already lost my graduate to Surestart and my manager has now applied because they can pay her more than I can because the Labour government are railroading the PVI out

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