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Long Term Planning - Can Someone Take A Look At This?


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Once again I'm having to re-look at my planning as I cannot seem to find a system that is simple and effective.


I've been roaming around here, picking up tips for Long term planning and have decided that I need to have something visible on one page!! I know that I need to visit each Early learning goal three times across the year.


I have done the attached table which shows, topics covered, seasonal occasions, and which learning goals will be visited under each theme. I've also highlighted which goals are constantly visited by our learning environment.


What do you think, does this look okay? am I on the right track or am I missing the point, lol.


My other plans, folow up and go on to highlight which ss are being covered in each activity and I have an area plan which labels all learning outcomes available in each area of the playroom.


Please could someone advise me as to wether this is enough!!


I want a plan that is simple to use and easy to follow and clear to all what we are doing.


sorry to ramble!!



Why wont it let me add an attatchment?? I'll keep on trying...




think this will work........


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A bit annoying for you I should think that 52 people have looked at your post and 38 people have downloaded your plan but not one comment yet. Maybe they are digesting the info :o


I plan to cover / focus on all the aspects over a period of a year, some more than once.


My only comment on your plans is that a lot of settings are moving away from Theme planning and deciding a theme / topic based on what is interesting children at the current time. Also I would think that there are opportunities to cover all the aspects through continuous provision and routines ( not just the ones you have highlighted) because of the holistic nature of equiping and setting up the environment and how children access play to explore all their developmental needs, interests, skills knowledge and attitudes.

You have obviously given it a lot of thought, the only way to know if it works for you and your team is to introduce it, run with it, reflect on how it is understood and how it works with staff and children and then from this evaluation develop any changes or keep with it if it works for you.




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I like your colour coding which makes the whole plan very clear. Imust admit though that I tend to view written advance planning as something to show inspectors while children's actual learning goes on through their everyday play, routines, stories and rhymes and interaction. And I suspect that themes make it more interesting for the adults but often go right over the children's heads. Old age is making me cynical!

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We do a long term plan. We just list what our topics are, what festivals, special occassions we need to cover. For the stepping stones/ ELG's. we fill these in as we go along. we have a planning meeting and sit down and see which areas we need to cover, by looking at our childrens records. If it is something specific i will write out a focus activity sheet to cover it, or we include it in general activities in our planning that will cover the area we are looking for. Hope this makes sense!!!!!!

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Thank you all for your advice and input.

I'm having a little shift around and developing the rest of the planning system.

When I'm done I'll post again to show you what I come up with!!



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Let me give a different view (just to stir things up!). The Long term plan is to ensure coverage and a balanced curriculum. What should be shown on it are the Early Learning Goals (in Reception) and Stepping stone (blue/green) for Nursery/Preschool. In a sense the themes are immaterial and can be changed, but what must be there is the destination for the year. In Thurrock we are busy formulating some plans to be used as examples. One suggestion to save duplication is that a set of 6 (half termly) or 12 (monthly) medium term spider charts showing ELGs/SS make up the long term plan. An activity overview is added to make it a medium term plan.

Hope that is reasonably useful? One setting I work with are busy putting this together and want to run with children's own interests to set the themes so I suggested leaving some of the themes blank in the year but still having the ELGs and SS showing. Themes can then be added as things are observed or discussed with the children.

I've also attached a sheet showing some key elements of planning. See what you think

Have fun!!!!!





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Hi heyjude, I have something similar to your first two spider charts, which is on my long list to update. Just wondering if you had a copy of a completed weekly/short term plan you could attach, just so I can see how you fit so much info on one sheet! Thanks





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Hey Jude I think these are very clear but I would also like to see what you do on a daily basis or weekly as we are struggling with ours, we actually haven't got the time to fill in reams and reams each week as my staff do not get much hands off time at all. At the moment our daily plan is very time consuming

Thank you

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