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:D HI all,

Wonder if anyone can help me, I am trying to develop a payscale for my staff to encourage staff training. Does anyone do this in their settings? We are a full daycare nursery and have many qualified staff with different qualifications. I woud like to bring in the new scales as soon as possible, if anyone can give me some idea of thier payscales I would greatly appreciate your help.

If you dont want to put it as an attachment you can send it as a PM to me.


Thanks in advance


Janie1 :o

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Supervisor - £7.75 per hour - one has no qualifcations but 100 years experience, one is a qualified teacher

Deputy - £6.85 per hour NVQ 3 qualified or DPP

Assistant - £6.20 per hour NVQ 3 qualified or DPP

Paid helper - minumum wage DPP


Hope that helps. 2 staff embarking on Foundation Degree in February.


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Was really hoping for some sort of payscale like sure start or locla council use scales and bands.

If anyone out there can help I would greatly appreciate it




Janie1 :o

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Local authority/SureStart payscales would be a lot higher than what the private sector could even hope to offer (cue discussion on staff defecting to SS nurseries!)


The Professional Association of Nursery Nurses has a payscale which can be found here BUT this is for Local Government Nurseries. At least it gives you an idea of the increments for each scale.


I think that the way Deb has done it is simple and effective. I would start from the bottom up -

  • Assistant - unqualified/least experienced - would be on minimum wage according to age
  • Assistant - unqualifed but working towards a qualification
  • Nursery Nurse - Level 2 qualified
  • Nursery Nurse - level 2 qualified and working towards level 3
  • Nursery Nurse - level 3 qualified
  • Nursery Nurse - level 3 qualiifed with additional responsibilities i.e. room leader, SENCo
  • Deputy Manager - Level 3 and above with managerial role
  • Nursery Manager - level 3 or above with managerial responsilbiity
    You can add length of service etc into this aswell if it was appropriate for your setting.

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