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Hi everyone!

I'm now doing supply & tomorrow I have reception for the morning (and Y6 in the afternoon!! :o )

I've done work in reception before, but never so early in the year, and just wanted to check what I've planned (loosely) is ok. The school have asked me to plan (but I'm not planning y6!). I don't know the school or children and don't know what resources they have - including help.

I'm basically thinking of doing a circle time on what they like about school, some number work with a puppet, and reading a story and doing literacy on a basic level. I think they ought to have plenty of time to be 'choosing', but as I say, I've no idea what the set up is in the classroom. But I thought the stuff I've planned could be interspersed with playing, or maybe I could work with small groups whilst the others entertain themselves.

Does this sound ok, or do I need to be doing something more structured. Advice welcomed! :)

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thats sounds like quite a lot to cover in a morning with a class you dont know who have possibly been in school only a few days. Go armed but be preparaed to only cover some of what you have planned.

Id try to find out on arrival at the school what the usual routine is (eg do they self register, go straight to the carpet, free play, have an assembly to attend etc). There will be a snack time of some sort and to me this is a good time to include a circle type activtiy. Im sure there will also be some outdoor time (whether this is called playtime or not). You will probabaly also have to get them ready for dinner.


Id certainly be preapared for a great amount of flexibility, you dont know if the class will be full or if they are still staggering inductions? You also dont know if there will be any mopping of tears to do?


A first circle time, I would do lots of name affirming games, one way to get to know them and theyto know each other. You may not get much repsonse with what you like about school if they havent been there more than a couple of days (im just generalising but you woulndt at my school).


Im not sure if thats very helpfu but good luck anyway

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I am not a teacher so this may be a useless point of view but if the children are just beginning to settle in their new environment, maybe the morning should run as it has been running so as to offer the routine security and continuity, it may knock some of the children to see a different face and the usual routine may help to offer security - when thinking of the children we have just said goodbye to at nursery I would say you are probably going to have to play it by ear - like Mundia says you may have floods of tears, I guess if your planned and prepared you can use what suits the children and judge their abilities. Will it be a regular slot or is a one off?


Good luck :D

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I know what you mean about it being too much Mundia - and obviously I'm going to need to be flexible. I think I'm slightly thrown by the fact that they have asked me to 'plan', which made me wonder whether there should be a lot of structure. Certainly if it was my own class I would probably dedicate most of the time to free-play, so the children can get used to being there and with each other. I was only planning to do circle time, no. work and story for about 15 mins a piece. do you still think that's too much?



What you said about running to their usual routines I shall do - but only in the event that there is someone available to tell me how their mornings usually run. I'm working on worst-case scenario, that there is no additional help (although in YR there really should be) and nobody who knows how the teacher usually runs the class.


I'm hoping that although they have asked me to plan, the structure of the day will be apparent, and I may just need to do some in-filling where appropriate, e.g. story & singing etc.


To be honest, I think the morning will be over in a flash, and I'll wonder what the fuss was about.


I have these children again for a full day next week, so I should be more prepared for that once I've seen how things are done.


Thanks for the advice! :)

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Lucky you--supply already! My diary is still empty and the phone hasnt rung.


Sounds as if you should be just fine though, go with the flow and you have some ideas up your sleeve too. Think Id stick with a story and some counting rhymes with perhaps a circle tme and some choosing. Im sure I'd be worried about the year 6, even with the planning!!!


good luck and have fun..

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