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Before I fire away some questions (which to most people are probably really obvious!!!) please treat me as clueless nursery assistant with only the Foundation Stage as her bible. I have been looking in the forum but maybe my tired eyes have missed something and I've also done a search on google with little success. Anyway I WILL get to the point!! I help out in two year 2 classes twice a week...does anyone know if they follow a particular document to observe and monitor from and if so could anyone possible post it on here or send me a copy so I can take a look at it..I would have asked my teacher on Monday but with it only being the second week back and a whole new class to deal with - I spent most of the day laminating and photocopying :( Having said that she is a fab teacher!


I understand that Reception follow the Foundation Stage - how about Year 1?


Hope this makes sense,


Looking forward to being enlightened...


Afterall that's what the forum is for :D:o:DxD


Lu x :)

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Guest tinkerbell

Hi Lu, welcome to the forum.

Year1 and year2 children are following the national curriculum and it depends which subject/ lessons you are in on as to what your teachers objectives are .Your teacher may be using a QCA document say in science to plan and teach from and the assessment is included in it.If your teacher was teaching maths she may tell the children and staff what the weekly/daily objective is which the children will be assessed on eg 'today we are looking at sequencing numbers to 20 '.

I'm sure when things have settled down and she has all her resources ready she will include you in her planning and assessment work, if it is a new class she will be very much finding out what the children can do so she will be planning from what she finds . Does this make sense?


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Yes Tinkerbell that makes perfect sense and thanks Susan those are great websites that I've just this min bookmarked...god I need to get out more! haha



Lu x

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Like marion we dont use QCA in all subjects and are moving away from their prescriptiveness (is that a word) especailly for KS1. Really te best way to find out what you need to do is to learn from your what your school does, and Im sure that when you get a momenet to speak to the class teacher she will help you out.


We continue the FS into year one at the beginning of the year but many schools dont.

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