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Is there anyone out there who operates there pre-school or nursery from a state school ? either within the school or from a building on the school campus?

Juliel :o

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Guest suziees



we have been asked if we would be interested in relocating into a state school setting so would be ver interested in others experiences too on this topic!!

wonder what thee pros and cons are?


we are a preschool running 9-30 - 1.30 at present but i guess we would have to down grade to afternoons as all schools here have morning nurseries and the idea that has been put to us is that we would share the nursery (use it in the afternoons)


suziees :o

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Hiya, just to say that we have a preschool attached to our school, but it is "independent" from the school - it has a management team, own finance structure etc. However, as Foundation Stage Co-ordinator, I am closely involved with them - I am on the management team, attend occasional staff meetings, go in for monitoring, visit so the children get to know me etc. I wouldn't call us a unit because we operate independently but I am trying to build closer links, for example we are introducing a cohesive assessment and record keeping system that flows from preschool to YR. This helps enormously with the Profile.

I'll chat with the preschool team and pick their brains on the subject and get back to you!

heyjude :o

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Just found this topic as i was browsing


I am a nursery teacher sharing the premises with the pre-school. I have my nursery in the morning and in the afternoon pre-school takes over. We share some chidlren who have lunch and stay on. It is not working for us bec we


1. have different views of how to deliver the FS curriculum

2. Pre-school has 2 year olds who seem to wrech or eat anything that we leave out as a part of our display.

3. I find myself going in very early just to sort out the classroom before i set up for the day.

4. We have been pretty much left on our own so there are sissues with management and a lack of shared vision.

5. Use of resources and equipment is a sore point bec the nursery seems to bay everything that pre-school feels entitled to use.

6. lack of space to store resources.

7. inability to provide continuity of activities as everything has to be tidies up each day. Not so much a problem for pre-schools that are run in other premises but an issue for nursery that is usually able to provide for this on its own premises.

8. I fnd that i am constantly tidying up and sorting resources as pre-school use but do not feel obliged to find homes for things that have been left out.

9. Pre-school feel they have no independance in the layout or the setting up of role play etc as nursery does it.

10. pre-school budgets are more generous than school nursery budgets, but they still expect us to provide all the resources.


so I suggest that if you do go down this path- get management, governers and early years consultants involved right at the beginging. Lots of issues are coming up now that have led to animosity between the two parties :o


I'm not saying that its doomed to failure but do be aware of the pitfalls.



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