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well i have been manager now for two months, and so far no major hiccups! (touches wood quickly)

BUT equally i don't seem to be getting anything achieved.....


Trying to think what i have done / started since i took over....


Okay, i overhauled the planning and made it simpler (that was a weekends worth of work, the joy!)

I produced a BT3 and FS info board for parents (stayed late after work to do)


To be honest those are the only two things i feel i have achieved in two months, how bad is that!


Time was spent interviewing and rectruiting staff.


The last manger left the operational plan in a muddle, with post it notes all over it, i am just pulling that all together but it is taking ages...(a work in progress i guess!)

the last manager also left a 'to do' list as long as my arm for me to look at, and many of the things on it were unfamiliar to me, ie sort out nursery funding... and sort out food hygiene stuff (temperatures, storage of food etc etc)


so i feel like im in knots, and like somedays i achieve absoloutly nothing, anyone get days like that?


i LOVE my job, i really do... but my god i feel im not getting anywhere, like i bang my head against a wall with staff and i go out on a limb to make their life (the staff) easier and get no thanks at all for it.... hmmmmm, they you go a moan and a groan as well for you, hee hee



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Stick with it!!!


Overhauling planning and recruiting new staff is a major achievement and shouldn't be underestimated!


Perhaps you should create a development plan with the staff for the next 12 months - what would you all want to achieve on a wish list? What can be achieved in the next two weeks/month/three months/six months/ 12 months and who is going to be responsible for it?


I think it is important to have a long term vision, but you must keep the day-to-day running of the nursery at the forefront of your mind. I'm sure you've heard of the SMART targets -


SPECIFIC Specific : they say exactly what you mean.

MEASURABLE Measureable : you can prove that you've reached them.

ACHIEVABLE Achievable : you can reach them in the next few weeks.

REALISTIC Realistic : they are about action you can take.

TIME-RELATED Time-related : they have deadlines.


Use this to create a plan and then you can look back and say 'Hey! Look what I HAVE achieved in the first three months in post - aren't I great!!! :o '

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I've been manager since May, and I know the feeling. I've only just started to feel that I'm getting somewhere, it's just that the list of 'To Dos' is longer than the list of 'Dones'!!!!


I sat myself down and set a list of priorities, between now and the end of the year, and have decided that all other wonderful ideas that keep popping into my head will have to wait!!


A 2 week holiday helped immensely also - didn't realise how much I needed it until I stopped!


Stick at it but don't over do it - I nearly did, as have many others on this site I am sure x

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'Do' only what needs doing, 'stop' and 'reflect' doesn't mean you have to change. Prioritise. follow the SMART ( good advice :D ) and the 'have a rest' (Good advise :D ) and DELEGATE, but only the things that you know others are capable of doing, and that is easily monitored.


one step at a time. 2 months, that's really no time at all and a lot achieved. :D



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I remember when you first started posting Dawn and you were going great guns then., so everyone's advice is brilliant, go easy on yourself, we can all see what you have been implementing has been fantastic you need to think of yourself a bit or you will end up being burnt out, I am sending a huge pat on the back (virtual) and prescribe some ME time, well done Dawn - you are obviously so conscientious.

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