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I pulled into the car park this morning to be greeted by the sight of a JCB :o

Turned out that the powers who be made a decision (without consulting anyone) that the school field would be the best place to build our new children's centre :( This is accessed via a narrow residential back street (sure the residents will be overjoyed) and is situated as far as it is possible to get from the FSU xD

So the JCB dug 10 foot deep exploration trenches to see if the ground is suitable for building which meant the children could not use the school field (actually not sure how much field will be left if the go ahead and build)


Oh Joy :(

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Oh that's just typical :( , the powers that be must of thought ahh lets put the childrens centre here and forgot about where the school children will play outside :oxD . Also the current residents around the school, they poor things may be wondering how on earth did it get passed without us knowing. :(




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I think it's called meeting the needs of the local community, and progress. :oxD :wacko:


Mind you, I hope you've changed all your planning now to include, How to play outdoor games indoors, Excavation Exploration ( JCB tyre tracks are very interesting don't you know :( ), compile a time capsule to bury in the foundations. etc etc etc.


Not even a mention in your Autumn Newsletter, tut, tut.


Forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't there meant to be something called 'consultation' before these Children's Centre's are built????


Exciting times ahead??? :(:(


Keep us posted won't you.



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