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Just to give an update really, we never thought our unit would be ready for the start of term, they were still laying carpet and things Tuesday around the children starting school - total madness, but the parents are really pleased and very positive about reception and nursery being togther an in reception i have had no tears this year at all not even from children who attended different nurseries, so thats got to be a huge positive

Yesterday Hilary Armstrong opened the unit officially and we will be in the local press. She was very impressed and the press took pics of unit.

I had been to ikea, pundstretcher, instores, etc etc all week for bits and bobs buts it's all worth it.

Next project - outdoor environemnt and a lady from surestart thinks she has found some funding so let's see.....

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Well done Beckyann, The most important judges of success are the children and as they are happy that's all that really matters :D

Keep us updated on your outdoor environment progress won't you.



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I will, seem to have misplaced my digi camera but asap i'll post some up

I have tried to create more literacy based activities on one side and more mathematical on the other, also we are in the process of setting up:

Music/Singing/Performing area with dressing up, karaoke, musical instruments, opportunities to record themselves, etc that will be next to our role play

Snack area with little plastic tables and chairs to create a cafe where children can go and sit and eat and drink as they choose to also with feedback on the wall - did you enjoy your snack


Just wondering if everyone had investigation table or a box that the children could take outside...?

That's still to complete and then labelling all the resources


Also outdoor area to develop (big project) but one side has already been done with soft play surface hopscotch and alphabet trail, we have games equipment on this side, parachutes and lycra, etc

The big area is uneven and badl needs re tarmacing but that will cost a fortune. We have some ideas, and are trying to reduce the use of individual bikes and trikes in favour of group activities, like waterway systems, blocks, tents and dens, sand, tuff spots with various resources, bats and balls, etc etc as well as quiet areas, sound walks and creating a garden and nature area - all at the planning stage

Oddly enough last Friday afternoon as I was taking some visitors around we had bikes and trikes out with sand, water, blocks, tents, etc only 2 of 32 children were interested in the bikes! and I had noticed it earlier in the week as well, I really feel it's about asking the children what they would like in their outdoor area, as well as indoors to inform the planning.

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