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Karrie we had to use the clippers to last night, my five year old has just started back to school a year one and I was informed by the TA in his class that he went out to the toilet four times yesterday to spike his hair up with water!!


I'm sorry but I sorted that problem out with a number four haircut last night, (don't think I'm harsh - he loves it!), although he did insist that dad had a number four to match, I now live with two convict-looking males! xD What with that and the eldest daughter deciding to have a ruby red streak in her hair (15yrs), oh and did I mention so did I !! :( Don't know where they get it from?? :o

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Shirel, I don't think you were too harsh, I gave my son and husband both grade 2's! My 10 & 8 year olds have just discovered good old shaders and toners, which I can live with. When I was 15 I came home with an electric blue mohican which I thought was so cool until it turned a sickly green when the colour faded. never one to be defeated I then dyed it pillar box red! My mum always said wait till you have children, just begining to appreciate what she meant.


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Thanks Karrie when I first met my husband he had a mohican and I had blue-black hair, I have been all colours so I guess I can't complain about my children experimenting, every time I feel a bit 'old' I go for a semi-permanent reddy colour to cover the grey and my head still turns when I see a good mohican on a male!! :D

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Earlier on this evening I was watching my local news - a secondary school boy I think, cut is hair with short back and sides style with medium short hair. His school have told him to cut it.


The funny thing was as I was looking out of the window another boy walked past with the same hairstyle how strange. :o




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