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Funding - Bbc Media Coverage - Thurs Sept 7th


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Just thought I'd let you know that the Kent "SAVE OUR NURSERIES" campaigners will be filmed live on Thursday by BBC Breakfast TV and will have a link with Beverly hughes to address the code of practice issues.

This part of the programme will air live at 6.20, 7.30 and 8.40 ish - about the campaign with a link to Beverley Hughes in London.


I have emailed the person being interviewed with the following questions for bevery hughes, but don't know if he will be able to ask them.


My query to Beverly Hughes would be about clarification on the interpretation of the Childcare Bill with reference to registration with ofsted.

Ofsted will hold two childcare registers:

1/ The Early Years register of all settings delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage

2/ The general childcare register (GCR) of other providers.


The GCR register having two parts;

Part A . will be compulsory for group care and childminders who care for children from the end of the Foundation Stage until they are eight.


Part B. will be voluntary and will enable service providers to register with Ofsted if they would like to. This includes nannies, providers of short term care such as crèches, and providers who only care for children over seven years.



How will the new Childcare Bill affect the registration of early years providers who wish to opt out of the Education element of the new Early Years Foundation Stage due to inadequate funding levels and code of practice conditions of the Education Grant?


Can a provider register with ofsted if they can show that they meet the Every Child Matters 5 outcomes and National Standards for day care, but under the outcomes, especially Enjoying and Achieving the provider does not offer the curriculum as defined in the Early Years Foundation Stage Educational element, but shows that they offer another developmentally appropriate curriculum for the age band of the children they provide for?


If a provider is unable to register in the above circumstances , does this mean that we do now have a compulsory Curriculum for 0-5 year olds?


even if he can't address these queries, hopefully this media coverage will further enable ministers to hear our concerns, bring the issues to the attention of parents and inform review of the current issues of funding and their detriment to the early years PVI sector.



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Thanks for that Peggy. Out of interest where did you get the information from - I can't see anything on the Save Our Nurseries website.





When I first looked at the website, I emailed them to offer my support and mentioned the registration problem that will change with the EYFS . Darren king emailed me to let me know about the BBC. They have a support meeting planned for Friday 14th September in Allington. I not sure if anyone can join the Kent Association' as they are called, but I shouldn't see why not. If interested and local, why not email them.



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