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Policies For The Under Twos


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:o My nursery currently caters for two to five year olds ,but we are extending and having birth to twos.I am responsible for writing the new policy documents ,has anyone policicies they would be happy to share ?Anna :)
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Hi Anna and welcome to the forum!


Unfortunately I don't have any baby policies anymore but the things I think you would need to look at are:


Nappy Changing

Settling In

Weaning/Bottle Feeding

Storage of Milk


erm... can't think of any others at the mo, but will give it some more thought and get back to you!


Welcome once again!

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Welcome from me too :D

Most of your policies can be extended as I'm sure you've already worked out.


As others have said, consideration of sleeping, feeding, nappys and daily routines. Safety re: age/stage appropriatte equipment / toys, fire evacuation, key person, developmental milestones (BTTM), comforters, waste disposal (nappys).


Have fun and enjoy the littlest ones :D



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:) Hi everyone and thanks for the list of ideas for policies and procedures for under twos,theres plenty for me to get working on!.I find you can feel quite isolated in the private sector as its so different to being in a school environment.Ive worked in a nursery unit attached to a school for years so this is quite different for me . :o
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