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Can anyone help me my head is spinning.I took over a nursery class last september having completed my Nvq3 and I just about understand all the foundation stage stuff but I work in a term time only nursery and my boss tends to have a meeting 2 days before we go back and says this is what we are doing Iam making these if you want to that you can. I asked her about planning and she said she did this way I could do it this way or make my own up. We have 3 classes of 3 to 4 year olds and she likes us all to follow the same theme which is fair enough but the other teacher has been doing it longer and is old school so doesnt do her planning. Me personnally as a newbie at all this want to be able to do my planning and know what Iam talking about. My boss has told me my room looks great better than it had done before and that Iam doing fine but this is no comfort to me I want to get it right . Does anyone understand what Iam rabbling on about and can anyone help me out I feel out of my depth at the mo and a tint tad stressed!!!!!!!!!! Paddywack xx :(:oxD:(

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slow down and chill out is first step.

second step is to let us know how the others plan .

third step is how do you want to plan. have you any planning in place. are you happy with how you plan . if not how can we help

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Hi Paddywack

Im sure youre doing a great job we all have loads of self doubt no matter how long weve done the job. Do you know what the theme is for September? and have you got any planning the other teacher has done to compare?

There are lots of examples on the forum and everyone will be only too happy to help.

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You need to feel confident that what you are doing is right for your children. As long as you can justify this then you are doing the right thing.


Try not to worry - it'll all fall into place. Your boss sounds supportive - don't feel afraid to approach her - that is what she is there for x

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Thanks for kind words everyone your right I do need to chill out my confidence or lack of always gets the better of me!! The children are happy and all my parents tell me there children really enjoy nursery and I think I implement everything into the day. I have just found out that the first 3 days we go back which is a wednesday we are doing "my day at school" but only for those 3 days and then we go into Transport for 4 weeks road,sea,air and emergency. I have just done the first week of transport not sure if it is right and as for only three days of "my day at school" Iam a little stumped!!!! My boss says she will always give support but she is not always the most easiest person to approach :)

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A&C Black do an Activity pack My School Day with posters etc and activities for all areas.



Who are we


make a display of recent photos (digital camera is really useful)



pass a bean bag round a circle and encourge the children to say their name when its their turn to hold the beanvag. Encourage them to listen quietly and sit still.


when everyone has had a turn ask the children one by one to go and point to the child sitting next to them' photograph and say the person's name. Extend by asking the child to describe the person


Talk about the things we do in a day

pass the beanbag round the circle and encourage the children to take turns saying what their favourite time of day is and why extend into plan / do / review



treasure hunt


tell the children there is a hidden treasure and see if the can find it by your intructions

use language like under next to behind on top of etc




role play school

emergent writing in register etc

speaking and listening

recreating roles





walk around school

walk outside

encourage children to look carefully and describe what they see

what do they like/dislike

what can they hear

collect interesting things




washing hands keeping healthy

healthy food at snacktime

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Thanks marion good suggestions and I have ordered the book hope it comes before next week!!! Feeling a little better about it all I have worked with children for 17 years but always as someones assistant so it is such a big step actually being in charge of a room quite scary in fact I think Iam enjoying it still finding my way.!!! Paddywack xx :):o

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