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Long Term Plans For Ehanced Provision/ Learning Bays


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Hi everyone,

Have searched the old postings and put in a search ... but cannot find any?


The plans I am considering placing on display in learning areas, for example, writing area, sand, water etc.

When I was working as a TA (a few years ago) we use to have them - they were really helpful for anyone visiting the class to know the learning intentions going on etc. They were formated to A4 and for adults info. They had the main overall learning intentions, list of enhanced provision introduced to the area & key questions. They were to cover the breadth of the term (YR)


Does anyone work in a simular fashion? Is this now outdated?


Reason I'm quite keen is to help me focus (Ofsted are due in next term) and although provision id well thought out and key questions are generally going to be on display ... I have a bird brain and it helps me recall any key info. to governing bodies etc. when nervous & demonstrates the logic/ thinking behind provision etc.. I did think they were really helpful to visitors also!


I've since lost old references and although will plan new ones - helps to have a proforma/ template of ideas to work from. Any help gratefully recieved (if anyone is interested will post mine when complete?!! :o )


All the best


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i downloaded lots of these last year for all the areas, i cant remember where i found them :o but will keep looking .if i find them ill let you know :D

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have found some sheets but dont know how to do a link, i went into search and put in

continuous provision when the results came back i scrolled down to Jacquiel and there are lots of sheets for



mallable etc

hope this helps :D

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Hi everyone ....

Thanks soooooooooooo much for these! They were all and everything I was looking for (in search I made the mistake of putting in 'enhanced provision' instead of 'continuious' ......... Ummmmmmm?!! another debate!)

I've spent most of the free time this summer trying to resolve PC problems amongst working in a kitchen (!!!) until permanent post commences (& most of today trying to get my planning in place). It things like this that make me feel optimism on the horizon!

I so badly want to make my classroom 'exciting' and a good 'code of practice' ... whilst simultaniously know I will be introducing new dimensions.

The planning here has 'floored' me as it's nothing I've experienced before, and as an NQT I feel underconfident in my gut instinct ....... but let's say I'm starting with a clean plate!

So a big thankyou once again. Probrably like everyone else, got more things to do in the last minute 'rush' than I care to admit to. Been a big help .....


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