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Help ! To Survive With No Help In Afternoons


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Hello everyone


Just putting put out some feelers on how to still do guided reading with one group while the others are getting on with an activity, with no extra help to make sure the other groups are on tasks except me but it's hard to watch the other groups while you are trying to work with one group.

Is it possible? if so, HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Any good activites to do with reception, any good advice or tips on how to run a foundation stage unit? i'm always looking for fresh ideas !!!!


svallance :):o

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Welcome in!

Do you have help in the morning? How many children do you have?


I wouldn't attempt Guided reading without some support. I have a group with me while others have free choice books and vocab extension activities ie naming objects in pictures (majority EAL).



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Hi there svallance and welcome on board. I agree with Susan, I think its pretty tough to try to do guided reading sessions on your own unless you are lucky enough to have a small class.


We have had previous discussions on foundation stage units. But I am still learning how to put in the link for you.....

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