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Hi all


Has anyone got a policy for intruders entering thier premises........


Horrible to think i know.... If so please could you email me either details of the policy or the actual policy....


Thank you

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Hi Hali

We don't have a policy for intruders, ours is built into our safety policy. So we have procedures in place such as locking the main entrance as soon as the majority of children have arrived and the door is not then unlocked until 11.50-10 minutes before the children go home. As we have children staying for lunch who don't leave until 12.30pm we lock the door as soon as the majority of children have left, usually about 12.05. There is always a member of staff in the entrance way at this time so we know who should and shouldn't be about.

We always ask parents to inform us if somebody different is picking up their child and have used a password on these occasions.

We did have a young man trying to access the building last year before we put the door locking at lunch time into place. I think he was after handbags rather than children but it was pretty scary.

Hope this helps.


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