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When putting objectives on Medium term plans and broad objectives on short term plans do you put the full objective or just the part that relates to the objective? i.e for KUOW if you are looking at change would you put the whole objective of 88a Look closely at similarities, differences, patterns and change OR would you just put 88a look closely at change?

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I think it depends who is reading the objective and carrying it out. If you've written it and it is you that is carrying it out then you know in what context you want to 'action' your objective.

If however, you've written it but another person is doing the activity, supporting the achievement of the objective, then I'd be more specific. Also it depends on the method planned to achieve the objective, your example "look closely at change" doesn't mean anything to me 'on it's own' but might be self explanitary alongside your planned method.

This is a classic example of how broad just one stepping stone is. Also an example of how some stepping stones need to be dissected, so to speak. When I write objectives I look at what knowledge, skills and attitudes I want to foster, this helps to decide the best method ie: For this stepping stone children would need to know;


What similarity means

What differences mean

What are patterns

What is meant by the term change

What does compare mean


They would learn observational and language skills when making comparisons.


Do I want to foster attitudes of:

Intrigue ( I wonder what will happen if...),

Awe ( wow, I want to see / smell / touch / hear / taste that again?),

Surprise ( I didn't expect that to happen)

Satisfaction ( every time I do this, I know this will happen)


There are so many things a child can learn from looking closely at change, to define the knowledge, skill, attitude you are aiming at will help to measure whether the objective is achieved or not. The children will achieve different objectives, in many different ways, learning something you didn't think of, showing a different skill and attitude.


going round in circles now :o Isn't our job interesting, or what?? :D




DOH........just realised I have described activity objectives, most probably because I don't write medium term plans. For just the above reasons, I suppose. xD

I write long term plans ( continuous provision) and daily plans, (which are often retrospective)




last but not least, my long term plan identifies Aspects and not stepping stones.



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Hi Lola,

I always wrote my medium term term plans against ELGs using the format similar to the Norfolk/ Southwark plan.

In my weekly/ short term plans I would again refer to the ELG and also write a "to " learning objective showing which part of the goal I was referring to and maybe encorporating some stepping stone language for differentiation.


Hope that helps.

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We use a format similar to the Southark/norfolk plan for medium term planning but are looking at adapting this for our long term if we get the go ahead for non topic planning. In the short term planning we put a learning objective rather than SS/ELG.

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