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L Is For Sheep!


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I recently purchased this excellent book written by many well known names (Ros Baylet, Helen Bilton and Penny Tassoni to mention but a few )and edited by Sally Featherstone. It imediiately struck a chord with me as I'm sure it will with many others and would strongly recommend it others in the wake of the Rose report. Its full of wonderful insites and useful ideas for helping children with phonics.


To quote from the preface

"When I was head of a nursery/infant school, five year old Shane came to me to show me his work. It was a phonics worksheet of words that start with the 'L' sound. I complimented him on his accurate colouring and the careful way he had copied the words next to the pictures on the sheet. i then made the mistake of asking him to read the words next to the pictures!

I said 'L is for........?'

Shane said 'Lemon'

'Good' I said 'Now the next one. L is for........?'

'Lolly' said Shane, looking pleased with himself.

'Good boy!' i said 'And now the last one. L is for.......?'

Shane thought for a moment before, his face lighting up, he bellowed, L is for sheep!!'

Been there got the Tshirt! xD:o

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Have actually just been looking at thiat on Amazon. I am actually interested in the multi-sensory chapter - is that a useful part of the book ?

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I found the whole book useful. The first part looks at early learning the second at the phonics debate and the third gives plenty of simple ideas for putting the theory into our every day teaching.

There are some good ideas for using multi sensory experiences that I plan to try out next term. Helen Bilton suggests some great outdoor activities, Penny Tassoni making marks to music, Ros Bayley and Lynn Broadbent simple movement games to help with sound discrimination/ tuning into sounds using puppets are a few examples. In general its just a really sensible approach to teaching young children phonics.

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I have also just brought this book and began reading it straight away, it is just so sensible amongst other things, there doesn't seem to be any 'brand new research' or 'latest best ever results' just common sense ways of nurturing reading from 13 of the most experienced, respected and passionate practitioners who have all worked with children and actually seem to like them too!


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