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Can anyone tell me what the government intend to do with the Sats? at the end of key stage one? I have heard that they plan to scrap them, is this true? Also where can I get the sat papers from, as I have just started to take year 2 children? (We are an English school in Spain by the way).


Many thanks



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SATS still exist in the form of assessment for all 7 year olds, however following the publication of "Building a picture of what children can do" the focus is more on the Teacher assessment of levels and these are what are taken as the child's actual result. Every year the Assessment and reporting arrangements (ARA) for Foundation stage / KS1 are sent to schools around the oct and are available on the QCA website, this document outlines the statutory assessment details for that year. Teachers use sats papers alongside the built up picture of attainment levels so children still do the test papers but I think you can choose from old papers as well. The following links should give you correct info. Obviously the 2007 ARA aren't out yet but will be by the end of this term


Assessment and reporting arrangements 2006


building a picture of what childrencan do


woops, link failed..


ARA 2006


Hope it works



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