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Hi Foundation Degree practitioners

I am trying to help my sister with her assignment on self-concept. I can support her with the content but she needs to write her assignment in 'report format' - any one have any ideas what this means....how is it different to any other assignment. She is finding she has little help with guidance on assignment writing and reading materials. I can help with the early years knowledge but not the technical features of the genre! Can't find any websites that are not science/ engineering based

Hope you can help

LGM :o

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hello everyone

i was wondering if anyone has done this assignment while they were doing their foundation degree. i can't seem to find a way to start, it says "reflect on one major theory that has had a significant impact on early years provision.

i'm currently looking at all the theorist such as vygosky, piagiet, steiner,mcmillian, montessorri and so on.

i'm really stuck, dn't know where to start. i'm reading and doing a lot of research at the moment, but can't find a particular one

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