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Planning In Pre- School Playgroups


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I was just wondering how pre-school playgroups plan for their children on a sessional basis. How do you plan for the 2 -3 and 3-5 years old? What is the best way of showing medium and weekly plans?


I am trying to make a half-term topic plan for an interview to hopefully get the job that I want so much.


I know a person who works in this type of setting but does not know what I mean, athough she says I would be well suited to the pre-school playgroups.


Any help would be appriciated on this planning idea.

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I run a sessional playgroup/preschool. We plan half termly (medium term plans)and then have a weekly plan using our meduim term plans. We base ours on themes. Our weekly plans give an idea of the activities/ adult roles etc. We planned for the 3+ using steeping stones but are know relating B23 as well because we have a number of 2 year olds. This is in the early stages.



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There are always lots of ideas on planning , formats and what is or is not needed. pre-schools all have thier own formats and often change them until they find one which works for them and the rest of the staff. This is so varied as you will find if you try a forum search for planning.

A recent discussion with attachments can be found here and there are also links to other dfiscussions in the posts.


You will also find that many are trying to move away from topics and are now planning around the children.


A lot of the recording can also be retrospective, as it changes with the children as you extend thier play during the session.


The curriculum guidance is a good place to start for ideas of formats which can be adapted.


Ours changes term by term as everyone has an input into what may benefit the children and they see different ways of recording things or simpler ways which save time!!


There really is no best way to do the plans just a way which you and the staff will find informative, workable and which shows the how you focus on the children thier needs and interests.



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