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I am trying to plan a series of activites to show for an interview.


I would like to plan a weeks activities on this topic taking into account the B23 and Foundation Stage planning.


please forward any ideas this way.



Thanks in advance

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The Little Red Hen?


Sorry got side tracked by other things.....................



Read the story then use speach bubbles to write the repetition for the children to join in

retell the story with puppets in performance area


use balance scales and different seeds eg dried peas/lentils/popping corn etc

sequence the story

days of the week (each job the hen does for a different day)


We look at seeds especially grains of wheat and corn and talk about how it is used to make flour we can bake into bread.

We look at different types of flour and different types of bread

Usually tasting of breads from other countries is very successful and we have had a lovely display of children's descriptions/ comments likes/dislikes and reasons.

Then we bake different types bread both by hand and using a breadmaker (ICT control)

We usually accompany the bread with vegetable broth the children prepare from veg from out plot outdoors. Last year one boy told the NNEB we couldnt eat the potatoes because they had been in the dirt. Potatoes come from supermarkets. :o


We also talk about helping people and why the little red hen ate the bread herself.


make seed collages

singing little red hen rap

performance of story


fine motor skills kneading bread/cutting veg/ making rolls

digging up veg for broth

writing letters /names in flour or cornflour with finger

there are loads more..............

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Younger children explore the 'harvested' foods using all their senses.


Older ones look at the life cycle of the harvest, where foods are grown, how they are harvested, how they get to us, how they are cooked, then taste :o . ( Of course we all know milk comes from tesco's and not a cow, silly)


For PSE include the community spirit of giving to the less fortunate. maybe arrange a visit to an old peoples home to present food parcels ( if well arranged they may have some snacks / cakes to give to the children in return) do a little concert for them singing Dingle Dangle scarecrow, Combine harvester ( now I'm showing my age xD )


Marions idea is also good, linking to a story helps with concepts that are not necessarily within childrens everyday experience / knowledge. Find out what children know already and where they know it from.


Good Luck



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I would like to know what the childrens interest are but this plan is made up to give an example of how good my planning skills are.


I would love to work the pre-school playgroup that I am applying for. I am finding planning for this type of setting hard as I have little planning imput for the last 3 years in the settings I have worked. This planning idea is harder than I thought. :o


Great idea though, just wish I could remember the activities we planned last year in the preschool room I worked in using The lLttle Red Hen book.

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We looked at where flour comes from, made glue using the flour and completed collages using the glue, we made bread, talked about how it rises and why? we also made the bread in letter and number shapes then ate it for snack.

We discussed healthy/unhealthy food, had 2 baskets, one for healthy, one unhealthy, children put food in correct basket, made food collages, printing with food, wrote letters/drew pictures to go with the hampers.

Talked about children who were less fortunate than us, and don't have the food we have etc...

Hope this helps!!!!!!!

Good luck with it

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I would like to know what the childrens interest are but this plan is made up to give an example of how good my planning skills are."


For the purpose of the interview plan, state that you would find out the childrens interests / prior knowledge and experiences at the beginning of the topic. ie: which children had ever visited a farm, which children are mad about tractors, harvesters, etc.

I would be impressed if I heard an interviewee say that this was a consideration at the beginning of presenting a topic/theme.



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Guest DeborahF

How about burying lots of plastic/real vegetables in a deep tray full of soil or compost for the children to dig up? Ours love anything like that!

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