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Foundation Stage Workshops For Parents


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I've been put in charge of planning, organising, collecting resources for and running a series of workshops for parents of children in the foundation stage at our school - the purpose is to give parents some insight into what we do and why at the nursery and also give them some ideas for activities that they can do with their children at home to extend their learning.


Has anyone had any experience of running this kind of thing? We're thinking of running one session per area of learning and splitting the morning so that some of the time parents are with their children, playing in a room that we have set out to illustrate a particular area, and for the other part we work with parents on their iwn and provide a creche.


Any ideas gratefully received!!

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Hi Deborah.


I don't think I've welcomed you to the forum yet so... welcome!


I have never come across anything like this before but I have to say, I think it is a great idea! Especially for those parents who take the attitude that we spend all day playing rather than any actual work!


I'm sure you'll get some great ideas from people in the forum!

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We run an open day in the Autumn term for parents to see how we work in the FSU. We have all our normal activities including adult led session/whole class/ large group activities which the parents are encouaged to join in plus all the usual continuous provision. We put learning outcomes and suggestions for the type of questions adults might like to ask in free choice areas.


I have also run literacy sessions for parents who wish to help their children. Explaining how we work/ Jolly Phonics/PiPs/guided reading in the classroom/emergent writing. These usually run over a term one morning a week coving different aspects each week. We tried it with Maths and ICT but didnt get much interest.


good luck and welcome to the forum

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The British Association for Early Childhood Education has produced a series of informative leaflets for parents/carers that can be downloaded




I am attaching one to show you. Any good?


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I trained to deliver the "Share" programme which does just what you describe.

I will try and remember to put the detailson later!



SHARE is now called 'Continyou' here is the link




Our courses have been run with Family Learning Peggy added the link for PLA and theses are links to different regional support


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