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How Did You Celebrate Your Success?

Guest JPH

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This week, have received the letter to confirm that we have passed our Accreditation. The relief is immense - it has been a lot of hard work and worry.


I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how best to celebrate our success, and gain the good publicity via local press that this warrants. With the summer holidays, we obviously can`t do anything until we restart in September, but with a nearly a dozen new children starting then it may not be appropriate for a party as such - it is more important that we get them settled.


How did you celebrate? Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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I would definately have a party!!!! :o Just think how the parents would feel, knowing that they are sending their child to a setting that has achieved this. As you say, the hard work and worry does warrent publicity. The new children will feel very special and important, so just go for it - it won't disrupt the routine too much, it's only for a day and you deserve it.

Everyone works so hard nowadays in Early Years, so a good lot of trumpet blowing is called for.


Best wishes for everything you do in the future and congratulations to you and your team.

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