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I Did My First Staff Meeting Tonight


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well first staff meeting as manager, and it went well :D All staff listened, looked semi~interested and did not fall asleep lol.

In fact i have effected some changes in the planning (which the director approves of) and makes our lives a whole lot easier ~ staff certanly liked the new planning format :D


Afew house keeping issues were addressed and again staff were okay with these....


it kind of felt very surreal to be sat there chairing the meeting.... kind of feels like it shouldn't have been me.....


i have had a fab day... the director came in and saw the building is still standing lol, so all seems good.....



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Well done Dawn, lovely to see your growing from strength to strength and being part of it - give youself a reward. :D

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Well done!


I remember my first (tutoring for PLA - :o ) I loved it, and really get a buzz, now from anything like that, especially team meetings :D


Go girl!!


Sue x

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Thank you for all your encouragement and well done wishes!.

The feedback of the staff today was that they felt the staff meeting went well which is fab!!!!


another hurdle overcome... oh it all feels good, day by day im realising that yes i can do this :D



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