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Well thankyou for all your support after my thread about my nerve wracking interview, I got my place confirmed today and also the transformation fund have ok'd the funding!! :D


My children break up today so it's a BRILLIANT Day, :D:D:D thanks for listening!!

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Your LEA will have received money from the government (Transformation fund) to allocate to early years practitioners who are taking courses to improve their qualifications (ie. foundation degree, NVQ level 3)


If you work in a daycare setting, you can apply to your EYDCP for funding for your course. What you get depends on your LEA.


I am starting the FD in September at Midlesex Uni. The course will cost £3000. My EYDCP will fund 75% so I only have to pay £750.


If you contact your LEA Early Years department, they will be able to advise. Just out of interest, what is your LEA? As some of them have information on their websites.

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