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Hi there

I am currently working in day Nursery after many varied posts over the years. NNEB trained, I am about to start a NVQ assessor course. The course is run by a CACHE trainer,but my colleagues are doing YMCA training. I'm told paperwork will be different, and I shall have to comply with YMCA (makes sense for the girls anyway). Does anyone have experience of this?

Any help/advice appreciated


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Hi Jean -

Just a quick interrupt to say thanks for your first post and welcome to the forum - glad you found your way in again! :D


I don't myself have any experience of NVQ assessing so I can't help you, but I know that we have a number of members who are NVQ assessors, so hopefully you'll receive some advice soon.


Welcome again. Look forward to getting to know you!



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Hi Jean

Just catching up with everything and found your posting. Last year I did my NVQ Assessor award (then the D32/D33) and I did mine through CACHE.


At the time I understood there to be only CACHE or City and Guilds. I am in the dark about the YMCA assessor training, but would like to know more. What I have found, assessing through my local college is that most people do NVQs through either CACHE or C&G.


A colleague who did her NVQ L3 through C&G has shown my her paperwork and yes it is set out differently to the CACHE NVQ paperwork, but the principle of what she was having to produce was the same as the CACHE one, just set out differently. (Hope that doesn't sound too confusing).


I can only guess that the YMCA NVQ paperwork is just asking for the same knowlege and experience as the others, but set out in a different format.


Hope my ramblings might be of help.



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