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Interview For Confirmation Of Offer


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I have just had my interview for the FDey, I was given a conditional offer, subject to interview and am now petrified that I have messed it up, we had an informal discussion with the group tutors and then an individual interview and then to top it all off a written assessment, a critical evaluation on a newspaper article - I realise that I evaluated it only rather than critically evaluating!! :(


I feel so cross with myself, :( I felt so nervous being in the City xD on my own, I am a country bumpkin (?) and to be on my own in the big smoke and have to have a grilling I am worried I have ruined my chances and won't get my place confirmed.


What a morning, :o we have to wait until next week to find out our results - the thing that really got to me was there were at least 5 of the candidates that were in their early 20's who seemed so confident and were able to give of such maturity and I felt like a bumbling wreck, oh well it's done now, fingers crossed.


Feel better that I have shared it with you lot!!

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Oh dear Shirel! Try not to worry, as I'm sure you'll be fine! You know what you're doing and they would be mad to turn you away from the course (which they won't do! :o )


I didn't have to do anything like that to get onto the course. I asked for the application forms to be sent, filled them in and returned them at a college information day. Two days later, I had a letter back saying I was being offered a place! I didn't have an interview, although I did have an informal chat with the Higher Education people and the guy in charge of the course, as they were concerned about my lack of post qualifying experience, but apparently, I have 'life experience' which was taken into account.


Fingers crossed, I'm sure you'll be back here in a few days with a happy result!

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I can really empathise with you - I am really really hopeless in situations like that - my mind just goes blank and I end up saying daft things or not even remembering the question asked and start bumbling. I do this even now I am in my final year of my degree so you are not unsual. Hopefully they will take nerves into account and you will get the result you want. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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oh shire, I do feel for you, travelling to the city ( especially in this heat) and facing such a grilling, no wonder your confidence has been undermined. The young candidates may appear confident, but, like others have said you have 'life experience'.

I do wonder what their motives are for putting candidates through such an experience, I can only suggest that it is to assess commitment to complete the course as much as academic ability.

You will be fine, I'm sure that your commitment to achieve was portrayed during the informal discussion, and obviously you must have shown some viability as a worthy student to be given a conditional offer in the first place.


Think to the future now and get ready to time manage yourself for the study hours to come. :o


fingers crossed for you, please let us know how you get on.



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