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Headphones For Littlies

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Does anyone have any tried and tested headphones suited for the small heads of 3 year olds. We inherited some diddy ones from a school which closed last year, but they have pretty much been trashed now - they were very flimsy, but just the right size and weight.

The headphones which are used in our computer suite will give our poor little ones necks like David Coulthard they're so big and heavy!!! :o

What we need is something sturdy enough to cope with the rigours of nursery life, but light-weight enough that the children are enticed to the listening area.


Any suggestions??

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W.H Smiths do a set of headphones for little ones along with small mice and a lower case keyboard in neon colours. wonderful but a little pricey

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We use these ones:




They are , cordless, and surprisingly lightweight. They have an overhead strap which is ideal for smaller heads.


Ours have been dropped a few times but still work fine.


Two children can listen at once or one set can be charging whilst the other is being used.


I paid the full price of £40, can't believe they've gone down to £20! :o

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