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Plods And Foundation Stage Profilrs


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Hello all


I keep seeing people mentioning PLODS on here and i am a little unsure as to what these are?

If there is any one that can enlighten me or have any examples of how they use them i would be exteremly grateful.


Also when i was looking at different posts on here a while ago i found some examples of how people had taken the stepping stones of the foundation stage and made them into sort of profile sheets where you make a comment once the child has achieved each stepping stone. Each child had a set of these profiles. if any one has any examples of these of knows where i could find the post that would be great.


many thanks




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Hi Mandy.


A PLOD is: Possible Lines of Direction.


"Possible Lines of Direction are based on significant interests and preoccupations of children that can be built on to provide continuity, extension and progression."


Ref: Making their Day - Providing for Two Year Olds in Mixed Age Settings. Pre-School Learning Alliance ISBN 1 873743 42 4.


The idea is that they are used to focus on children's interests, they are designed mainly for BTTM but they allow children to 'flow' quite seamlessly into the Foundation Stage and those first stepping stones.


As for the second part of your question, I'm afraid I can't help you, but I'm sure there'll be someone who can!

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