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I wanted to become an NVQ assessor for about four years, I was told you had to do the A1 award then would be able to get a job as an assessor. couldnt do this really as had to have 3 different NVQ students in nursery and assess their work and sign off three units using different assessment types.


i put my CV on monster and one day a guy from a recruitment agency called and said a company was recruiting for assessors and they train you and you do the A1 on the job. so now am a fully qualified NVQ assessor and LOVE the job!


you can do it the first way if there are students in your nursery willing fo you to assess them and their assessor is willing for you to do this. you also have to attend a standardisation meeting at their college/ training provider and get a witness testimony from their IV to state you made a contribution.


a lot of local colleges do the award, but its not cheap.


hope this helps


Lyn :)

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I know that Bournemouth LA fully fund A1 Assessor training, and most authorities offer a large proportion.


Other than that - I know nothing!

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Any Assessors out there finding the new 1 year rule for level 3 students really difficult due to candidates having families, some settings closing for hols etc.,


Would love to hear how you get your candidates through in 1 year when we have been used to 18 months.




Hi littleantics,


I'm not sure I have welcomed you to the forum before. :o


I am not sure what you mean by the 1 year rule. I always understood that an NVQ3 should usually take about 2 years to complete, although some people do manage to complete it in less time. Is this something that has come from your assessment centre/college?

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Hi Everyone


Yes I am quite new to the assessor forum, thank you for your replies and the welcome.


I think I am a little in shock, perhaps that is why I did not make myself clear - so here goes - our local FE college is taking on many train to gain students as opposed to drawing funding from Early Years for practitioners undertaking the NVQ 2/3. The train to Gain remit is that a level 2 student will only be funded for 6 months and a level 3 student 9 months. Once this funding ceases we are hauled over the coals if candidates do not complete. Also as it is entirely work based now we have to provide learning hours - again to be undertaken in the candidates workplace. But we due to candidates needing to be in ratios and part of a team, Setting Managers rarely release them, and allow 10-15 minutes feedback.


I am also finding that to keep portfolio work down to the minimum, I am effectively writing everything for them through professional discussions and observations - or trying to under strained conditions.


I was wondering if anyone else has found these time constraints not effective.


CACHE only say that due to funding it is up to the training venues to benchmark the time required to complete, although they recommend the 18 months etc., for level 3's. But training providers are ignoring this to get bottoms on seats.


Grateful for any advice.

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