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Handa's Surprise Literacy Planning


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Has anyone got any nice literacy ideas for Handa's Surprise? I am using this book for an observed lesson and I would ideally love to use my IWB if I can think of something good.


I have thought of sequencing, listening to a tape of story, puppets, masks and role play fruit shop.


If anyone has done this book for literacy and wouldn't mind sharing what they did I would be most grateful.

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Guest tinkerbell

Hi Matilda'

we did an amazing amount of work on Handas surprise in Autumn, the childre loved it.especally eating the fruits and drawing themI think I have seen something on the Sparklebox so take a look there.

heres my planning although I think i used somebodies from this site !



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When I was on teaching practice the children and I made our own version of the story. First we role played the story. I then took photo of each child taking a piece of fruit or veg from a basket on the back of a bike with trailer. The children then thought of describing words for the fruit or veg they took and wrote the sentence 'will she like the (eg) yellow bumpy lemon?' in a speach bubble and we stuck them above the photo's - The children loved being the characters of their own story!!


hope thats of help




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Thanks very much for the help folks, your help has been fantastic. :D Just need to stop worrying about it now! :o

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Whenever we read Handa's Surprise I try to get as many of the fruits mentioned as possible, because I find our children don't know most of them. We pass them round and try to find words to describe them, you could write some of the words on labels which could be used later for matching to the correct fruit (CLL - new vocab, speaking and listening, writing/reading). We then PREDICT what the fruit will look like when we cut it open (K&U) - do any of the children link other fruits that look similar on the outside to make their predictions? We then cut them open, discuss whether anyone was right, then the best bit, we taste them (K&U, CLL vocab). You can also estimate how many seeds are in the passion fruit (MD).


We also make a fruit salad - so children make a shopping list of things they'll put in their fruit salad, and after they've made it they write a simple recipe sheet - differentiated by pics and mark making, up to writing numbered instructions.


I love this book and the activities you can get out of it are endless.


Good luck Matilda,


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