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This is a very simple topic compared to others but I'm on my own in Reception and would value some ideas. :o


Since Christmas I've got 6 new (rising 5s) children taking my class to 22 and am finding the noise levels are unusually high. i think the problem may stem from one particular child who just doesn't seem to be able to "use a quiet voice"! Has anyone got any ideas for encouraging this child not to shout or any general ideas for lowering noise levels..hope that makes sense and doesn't make me sound like I think 'children should be seen and not heard'! xD



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I had exactly this problem when a new child joined my group at nursery a few years ago. I spoke to her mum, and she said this child had a volume control!!!!


When ever I wanted her to quieten her voice, I twiddled an imaginary dial on my chest (well it was about where your lapel would be if you were wearing a jacket) or I reached out and twiddled her dial depending on the situation.


Perhaps you could talk to your parents or the children in your class.


Amazingly, it worked! Well - the child was always loud, but we could reduce the level quickly and without disruption.


Do you have trouble sleeping! Noticed the time of your post!



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One of my previous schools had very loud children -not just one but it seemed like all of them. Not surprising relly as they all lived in high rise flats which were very noisy as we noted on our home visits. They also lived in the middle of major redevelopment so there was also the noise of building work to contend with.

I asked one child why she shouted all the time and she said 'I have to cos noone will hear me'. Could be the same with your child maybe? At my current school, we have just one family of children that shout all the time, even when they are standing next to you. We find that circle time has helped with them, we always do very quiet activities in circle time. I also have our circle time bear out and about in the classroom, and the children know that when she is around, they have to be quiet-it takes some training but it has got better. Jacq's idea of the 'dial' is a good one too.

Try some dfferent things but be prepared to perservere, you wont see a solution overnight. :o

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Hello Jen


Some ideas that have worked for me:


1. We talked about how we use our voices in circle time and have coined the phrase playground voices for the too loud variety. Children seemed to understand that there was a distinction between that and their indoors voice.


2. I have a set of metal chimes hung from the ceiling, 'magic chimes' If I bash them it's a signal to listen, better than me trying to yell above their noise.


3. If there is suddenly too much noise in a carpet session I begin to clap a pattern which the children join in with. When I feel I've recaptured their attention I fold my arms. I suppose it's a form of brain gym. It refocusses them and settles them really well. It took a few sessions for them to recognise what to do, but once learnt has worked well for me.


4. I also do a countdown from 10-0 or 5-0 depending on noise levels, making my own voice quieter on each number. At zero it is a real whisper. I encourage the children to join in with the count, pace and volume included.


Hope these ideas are of some help.



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