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Hi All!


Got my letter today with enrolment dates for the FD. It says on the letter that I need to bring evidence of funding or payment on the day I enrol, but I was wondering who I need to approach for funding?


I have a form PN1 which is for higer education but I don' think the FD falls into one of the categories that this funding covers. I was wondering how others went about their funding. Who did you approach, what forms did you fill in, how long did it take etc. Enrolment day is not until 25th September which isn't that far away. I'm starting to panic now that I won't be able to prove that I have funding in place and to be honest, I can't raise the funds alone.


Please help!!


Thanks in anticipation!

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Clare, Hi, the nursery where I work were given a letter from my local authority offering us to apply for the Transformation Fund (a Surestart endorsed fund), whereby they sent us forms and we filled in to meet criteria, I got a call to say my application is put in front of a panel next week and they decide, but I should get quite a substantial amount of my course fees funded which are £3,000!

I believe local authorities are all different but the money is there the government has said so, so ask your Uni were to go from now, mine were really helpful and the University itself will fund some of my cover to the setting whilst I am on day release, plus talk of a laptop - that will not happen until September though.

I will let you know how it goes and what the panel decide next week,, good luck Clare.

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