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Leavers Poem!


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Hi, sorry if I'm in wrong forum! xD


Basically I am thinking of doing a leavers poem for the children moving on to primary school, I think I saw a post about it somewhere before but I can't find it :o


Any ideas gratefully received!! :D



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If you put a search in at the top leavers poem, the one your looking for comes up, hope this helps, good luck

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Here's one we use:


You are a very special boy/girl,

We wanted you to know,

What fun it was being your teachers,

How fast the time did go!

Please remember to say hello,

As through the years you grow.

Try to learn all you can,

There is so much to know.

The one thing we tried to teach you,

To last your whole life through,

Is to know that you are SPECIAL,

There is no-one else like you!

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