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I've only got ten days to go to finish and I've got a couple of KUS's to complete


I'm stuck on P2 - KUS18


Variations in family values and practices across cultural and other groupings and awareness that practices also vary within such groups and how to establish relationships with all parents...


:o Where do I start? I'm totally bamboozled with this one...


Many thanks! :)

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hi ruffian,

A first thought i that all families have their own values and are their own community, we must respect this.

Another is that different genders within a family may be treated differently to how you would yourself, i.e. a boy being more valued than a girl,

practices vary within how some cultures name their children i.e. muslim boys of pakistani or bangladeshi orgin have a religious name before their first name, and it would be offensive to state this name without adding the personal name e.g. mohammed would be offensive,

parents may expect childrne to follow a strict diet.

WE establish relationships with all parents by treating each with individual concern, we would not judge a parent by how they bring up thier children, we are respectful of all famillies beliefs and encourage their contribution to the setting.

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Also think about the different 'family units' we have nowadays - the days of a family with mum, dad (married) and a couple of children are gone. Don't make assumptions based on your 'norm' and don't judge if a family is different from your own. For instance, a single mum with a live in boyfriend and 3 children all with different fathers may not be your ideal but it is not your job to judge how others live their lives.


People also make assumptions based on a little knowledge of other religions and cultures. Always find out what their practice is rather than jumping to your own conclusions. :)

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