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Job Spec For A Preschool Co-ordinator


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Just wondering if any of you have the luxury of having a person solely doing administation for your settings. If you have, what is their job description? and title? I have a basic idea, but wanted to know if I have missed anything. Please could you let me know of your ideas.


Many thanks



kizzy xx :o

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Hi Kizzy


I have two roles, deputy supervisor and as of last September administrator (if that's the right word!). I think it's different in all settings, depends what you want/need the person to do and the number of hours you can afford to pay. Some of my jobs are also included on a job specification for a manager. I could spend the whole week at it but am paid for 8 hours (of course I do more). Recently I have had to say enough is enough when asked to do something extra, if you want me to do that you will have to pay me more. Have attached job descriptions from local YMCA.


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xD:( Hi Deb,


Thanks for your response. I will adapt as necessary.

I know what you mean about a joint work load as I was made up to the posh title of "Leader Co-ordinator" in a joint role from last September when a majority of 5 out of 6 staff left and I had to recruit to continue opening the preschool I worked at :o. This mean't I had to share the role of leader as well. Then the 1st leader left and I got a joint replacement.


Well things haven't worked out and so I have now decided enough is enough and have handed in my notice and am currently writing out the job description for my "old" style job. Having a child just about to start school makes it sound sweeter. Perhaps I need a "year out" to settle in my child.... then I will look again for a job in childcare... any one need a co-ordinator :(:(:D


Cheers for all your support everyone......


kizzy xx :wacko:

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Good luck from me too Kizzy, with all the changes coming up in childcare someone will be screaming out for your expertise, enjoy the summer break :D:)

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