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Hi everyone


I'm new to the forum so not sure how it works but I know what I want to know so let's see if any of you can help me!


I am a governor of a play-group. The play-group is attached to a school which is in special measures. It is a very small village church school. The play group leaders is leaving and we are about to appoint 2 new leaders on a job share. I think it would be a good opportunity to 'shake up' the playgroup and try to bring about new changes in the autumn term.


All staff are up for it. I would like to be involved in this process and am able to volunteer so time to help out with planning and admin. I would love to know some things first though. Can anyone help?


- is there particular topics you need to use (i.e. Ourselves, seasons weather etc?) each term or half term? Or can you make up your own? What are the most popular?

- we are using a 2 year planning cycle if that makes any sense to you? So can you plan in the long term for the two years and keep reusing it? Or does it need changing all the time?

- Is there anywhere I can see examples of 2 years of long term, medium term and short term planning? I know that is a big ask but I need to try and get my head around what we need to get done or what we should expect to get done. I expect then to build on and change but I am the type of person that likes to know how to do and how things are supposed to fit together and then put my own slant on it and be brave enough to alter and change things.


Anyone who can help I would be really grateful


Kind Regards



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Hi, we only use a 1 year planning cycle as we try and base our topics on our current children (we include all the basics and learning developments within that). with regard to topics - you can choose what you like. In my setting we decide the topics for the year ahead, then from our observations and knowledge of the children we base our medium term planning on their needs. For short term planning - i divide the 6 areas of development between my staff (generally 1 area each) and ask them to choose an activity for each week (staff have a different area every half term). this makes the planning so much easier and everyone feels involved too! Hope this helps and makes sense? good luck![/font]

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