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I was just wonder if anyone had an example of a questionnaire that they send out to parents, regarding the service they offer, child's progress, etc etc My next assignement is on 'commuicating with parent's' but I am hoping that it will also give an insight into what they really think!!. I find that in my setting, parents cannot wait to rush out the door, they dont ever read the notice boards and often when a letter's been written and handed directly to them, they still dont seem to read them or take in the information!!??


Thank you in advance


Jenni B

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This is format adapted from the PLA QA scheme - don`t know if it is of any use?


Parents’ questionnaire


How long has your child been attending pre-school?

Less than 6 months? 

6 – 12 months? 

more than 12 months? 


How old is your child?

3 – 4 years old? 

4 – 5 years old? 


Please complete the following questions by ticking in the appropriate space. Please ensure every question is answered YES, No or NOT SURE. If you feel a question is not applicable please write N/A and state why.


When you first visited pre-school were

you given a warm welcome? YES NO NOT SURE


As a new parent were you supplied

with information about the pre-school? YES NO NOT SURE


Was there any information you would

like to have received, but didn’t? YES NO NOT SURE

If YES, please specify.


Were you given the opportunity to settle your child into pre-school

in a way that suited your child? YES NO NOT SURE


Does pre-school provide you with the opportunity to:

Talk to your keyworker? YES NO NOT SURE


Contribute to your child`s records

and play plans? YES NO NOT SURE


Discuss your child`s daily routine

and progress regularly? YES NO NOT SURE


Stay in the pre-school if you wish? YES NO NOT SURE


Do you feel welcome and at ease

in pre-school? YES NO NOT SURE


Do you receive enough information about

the activities on offer? YES NO NOT SURE

If NO, please specify.


Do you feel you know what your child

is learning in pre-school? YES NO NOT SURE


Are you encouraged to offer your skills to

help with the running of pre-school? YES NO NOT SURE


Are you encouraged to be involved in the

pre-school’s management in any way, YES NO NOT SURE

eg by serving on the committee?


If you had a complaint, would you know

whom to approach? YES NO NOT SURE


What do you like best about pre-school


What do you like least?


What changes, if any, would you like to see in pre-school?


Any other comments you would like to make?


Thank you for your help.

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I think that the most important thing to think about before you put out a questionnaire is what exactly it is you want to find out. Recently our committee put out one, but because the chair didn't like 'tick sheet' type answers the questions were very open and led to diverse replies. However, this has been difficult to collate and address because the initial questioning wasn't clear enough. :)

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