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Rather last minute, but wondering if anyone can help. We're having RE observations done by our Headteacher who is also the RE co-ordinator. I'm the last one to be done - Thursday - and everyone elses has gone really well, they've all done really 'WOW' lessons, and I'm beginning to panic.


Our theme is Jesus helping people and we've already done Jairus' daughter which the children have 'acted' out - with a great deal of prompting. We tried discussing how the various character would be feeling - but get the standard response - happy/sad.


I had thought of trying to do another story with drama - 10 lepers, or Blind Bartemeus, or the man who was lowered through the ceiling - but I'm not sure about follow up work.


a) Ten lepers - really goes on about not being grateful rather than Jesus as helper, so have more or less discounted this.


:o Blind Bartemeus, act out. Then thought some children could be blindfolded to experience what it would be like and then ask them to think how they would feel if they were blind and then someone healed them. Possibly some more able children making up a prayer to say thank you to Jesus and others children.......??? The problem here would be only a few children involved in acting.


c) Act out the story of the man who was lowered through the ceiling - talk about his friends loved him and wanted to help him, Jesus loves us all and so healed him, how could we be like Jesus and help others - break off into groups and think of three things they could do - feed back to whole group.


(I have an SNA, nursery nurse and a student in with me - so they all need to be seen to be playing a part)



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Sorry I haven't got any suggestions but you prompted me to tell you about a chat I had with my grandson today after school, he's 5 yrs next week.


On the way to school he told me he had a headache.


P to B " I see your headache has gone, you seem better now"


B to P "Yes, it's gone"


P to B " Where do you think headaches go to when they leave your head?"


B to P " Up to Jesus"


P to B " What does Jesus do with the headaches?"


B to P " He puts them in the headache bin"


so, now you know xD


He is only just learning about God, Jesus and Heaven, as he is only in his third term of reception year.

I wonder if he has just had a lesson / assembly on how Jesus helps us and decided to make his own interpretation of the concept :o



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We have recently done the story of the man being lowered through the roof and we had one group with the nursery nurse using a small world house and play people/objects to role play story afterwards - this worked well. Also making simple stick puppets was a hit. Your activities sound great I'm sure your observation will go well - good luck!

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Sorry cannot offer anything here but wishing you all the best - looks like a lot of work for an observation by the Head - sounds a bit stressful too.


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Sounds Ok.

Another idea could be "Jesus hands are kind hands" and talking about what we do with our hands to help people and how Jesus was kind etc. a bit of miming could come in here. They could have coloured hand shapes to draw ot write their ideas on and end up with some sort of collage of all these.

I find RE with young children quite hard, because of the concepts, and trying to avoid the 'fairy story' aspect, and have always tried to relate it to the childrren and what they know and understand.

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Sorry I didn't reply yesterday. I was going to and then I got into a silly bicker with my boyfriend because there is so much washing to get done and it won't dry quick enough where the weather has been bad - so it's all piling up in the wash basket!! Where I was tired and a bit stressed I started crying, and he said that I was being silly crying over washing - which just made it worse!! So I decided to turn the pc off and go to bed!!


No doubt you'll have come up with a super duper lesson by now. RE is a hard one to be observed on, but usually taking risks like drama, etc, pay-off, as they are so different to the normal lessons the observer watches.


I was going to suggest looking at a picture or painting of Jesus helping people, and talk about the colours used, etc, but the washing argument got the better of me and I didn't have time to think too much about the follow-up activity!


Sorry - I'll try and be of more help next time!


Loads of luck - you'll be great.

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Hope its not too late for an idea.


How about talking to the children about all the things that they do for each other- PSHE, circle time.


Then link to a story that you could tell the children about Jesus helps different people.


You could then make a link to some drawing/ painting of the things we do to help people.... pictures of the things God and Jesus help people to do.... more ables could write prayers thanking for all the thinks we are able to help our friends to do.


Look at the people in school who help us etc..


You could use this to make a display....



Just a few thoughts


Good Luck with the lesson



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Jacquie I think your idea is fab - I'd go with that one if it were me :D


Shelley - I can relate to your washing issue :o Whenever I complain about having to do all the washingmy husband just says (in a really patronising way) "we have a washingm achine to do that"... guaranteed to make me hopping mad!

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ASPK - thanks


Re washing. As you know I went away to the Isle of Man over the weekend, leaving hubby with loads of clean clothes and undies,socks etc. When I returned I checked that he had enough clothing as he was going away for a week. Had he done any washing - NO, he had been out and bought new undies, and socks so that he didn't run out. :o He has dozens now!!! I asked what he would do if I went away for a month- and he just gave me a wry look!!!

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Thanks for all the help and advice, in the end I went with the man being lowered through the roof, but I have also got ideas for other lessons - Jesus hands being kind hands will fit in very nicely with what do we know/think about Jesus.


Huge hugs and kisses to all,



PS - haven't had feedback yet so don't know how it went, only thing I can say is children were SOOO well behaved, so if it didn't go well it was content rather than children :o

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