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Really Nervous


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Hi All.


As most of you know, I have a job interview to attend on Thursday morning and even though I have been working in EY for years, I have suddenly come across all jittery and nervous and I'm worried about getting this job.


I know I'm being silly, but I really can't help it. Usually I'm really confident when I go for interviews, full of ideas and enthusiasm and I don't really know what is happening this time to make me feel so panicky. Even though there is a lot I do know, I'm worried about the things I don't. I want to make a good impression. It doesn't help that having been qualified for almost a year, I still don't have any certificates to prove it.


I know my weak area is Every Child Matters so I am going to be reading hard on that for the next couple of days. If there is anything else that you think I should look at to get prepared, then please let me know!


Sorry to waffle on! Will attempt a couple of hours sleep, hopefully that will calm me down (well, it's too early in the morning to start on the wine! :o )



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I think you are nervous because you want it so much.


I would recommend "letting go" what you don't know now, you won't learn in a few days. The interview is not a test about BTTM, not the jargon anyway. Have you worked with this age group, or studied about this age group? Then you know this age group, and how to provide for them. BTTM "the written word" doesn't teach us anything more than we already know about child development, it just puts it in a different language. Many of us are still learning the language ( and believe me it take more than just a few night, so don't put yourself under such impossible duress)


Talk about under three's in the language you already know, this is how you can show your knowledge, yes, tell them you are aware of the BTTM and that you have the skills to work with any format because you have the underlying knowledge and experiences of children.


If you sleep, you will look and feel less anxious and tired at interview. You cannot control what the interviewers are looking for ( truth be told half, or more of them don't even know themselves),

Interviewers may ask questions about specific knowledge but really the important thing is HOW you answer a question not the content of the answer. This is only my opinion but when I interview people, their personality and attitude is the most important and deciding factor for me, knowledge and ability can be learnt and developed, attitudes and personalities can't. I don't want the most knowledgable person working with my staff and children if they haven't got a caring, open minded, confident, happy disposition.


You will be fine, just be you, not someone you think they may want you to be because you can't keep that up. You are a good person for the job, you can do the job, otherwise you would not have applied for it. :o



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