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Nursery Staff Time Spent Not Working With The Children


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I hope everyone is well. I've been away from the forum for a while as I've been so busy in my 2 new jobs.

In my temporary nursery job I'm helping with ideas to improve speaking and listening in nursery. The staff have been great and have taken on board pre-reading skills ideas which fit in with the school development plan for improving children's reading comprehension skills.


I want to know if you fit in anything like finishing tidying, washing cupsand plates in during time nursery sessions. At my nursery it does happen and I want to discuss this with everyone. In a school nursery I think that the children are entitled to all our time considering the ratio of 1:13.


I'd be really grateful to find out what happens in other nurseries along these lines. We cannot cut food up with children because of a safety policy. The child size sink is for washing paint pots etc which the children do.


I really look forward to hearing what you have to say as this job is really important to me and I value your experience and ideas.



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I visited a Montessori nursery and after snack time they had a bowl of warm soapy water, and a bowl of just water. The children then took their plate and cup to the bowl and took it in turns to wash their own things, before rinsing them off and then placing them on a tea-towel. They were all so keen to do it, even though they were asked to do it after every snack time.


One child spilt some water on the floor by accident, and I watched as another child went and got a cloth and mopped it up!

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just a comment on your school safety policy, re cutting fruit, our children ( aged 2-4yrs) use butter knives, not too sharp but sturdy enough to cut safely. Adults can help by pre-paring foods for cutting ie: a tomato cut in half first is easier for the child to place flat edge down and then continue to cut into smaller pieces.


Good luck, your ethos sounds great.



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