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Lea Inspector's Feedback


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"is it me?" should be my signature, as I seem to put it in every posting!


We had an LEA inspector in last week to 'observe' literacy activities. The 'observation' went something like this;


*Inspector + sidekick arrive, polite hellos etc.

*Nursery staff invite inspector + sidekick to talk to children, work with children see samples of work, look at displays, talk to staff. The usual and quite frankly, the expected.

*Inspector + sidekick take a quick (2 mins at the most) tour around the nursery. They talk to no-one. Not even a child. :(

*Inspector + sidekick sit down in the office and talk to each other, writing in folders.

They do not look in the children's folders that have been put out especially, showing progress, differentation, the usual. :(

*Nursery go to the hall for PE and invite inspector + sidekick to join them.

*Inspector + sidekick make no comment and remain seated. :o

*When nursery return from PE, inspector + sidekick have gone! xD


Apparently we don't get written feedback anymore (too liable probably!) so this week the head speaks on the phone with the inspector and this is her feedback. In a nutshell;


*the nursery environment is tatty, unwelcoming, dangerous, untidy.

*the children's learning is being compromised by poor use of equipment, labelling.

*the outdoor area is (surprise, surprise) untidy, dirty, covered in bird poo, overgrown with weeds.

I could go on but frankly its taken me all day to calm down so I'd better not!


On the whole we (the nursery staff) are in full agreement with everything that has been said. However when you've been asking for new equipment for over six years you tend to end up taking what is offered by very kind parents.


We clean our equipment regularly but its old, and second hand so will always look dirty (little tikes houses in particular!). As for the bird poo. If the school make cut backs by installing permament apparatus under trees rather than in more suitable areas what do they expect?!!


I am sorry to blast off but it drives me MAD that we work our boll***s off with the naff stuff that we have because 'we are only nursery' and get absolutley no thanks for it.


Rant over. Thanks for listening.


Fluff x

ps, what happened to the literacy???? :(

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So sorry you've been treated like that. The inspectors sound unprofessional and as if they were there under sufferance. Take their comments with a pinch of salt. Ask yourself, are the children happy and progressing, are the parents happy and unafraid to approach you and your staff. Answer yes to any of the above and you have a true reflection of your work. Keep smiling :D:D

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Loads and loads of hugs :o I really feel for you because we have at last got a headteacher who sees the worth of EY's and it is so brilliant and so unexpected! Look at it this way- maybe now headteacher or governors will have to do something about your shameful lack of resourcing. Well done you for making the best of a bad lot.

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